"Send your CHILD to AUM, we will send a MASTER home"

"Let them EXPLORE, that creates EXPERTS "

Courage Purpose Potential

Our Curriculum enables a career and reforms character

We are an exclusive non FEAR based education that promote PEACE

"We develop SKILLS while nourishing TALENT"

How AUM provides a viable alternative to failing education systems?

A failing education system is one that: Ignores  the inherent, hidden talents of the child. Wastes time in conforming to irrelevant standards. Dismisses the fact that creative challenges can be enjoyable. Oblivious to the successes of many an ancient education system. Promotes wanton commercialization and sales of pre-prepared educational materials and testing system. Conforms to a generic global education system that has no regard for the individual country’s  needs and culture. Exorbitant fees  and favoring of  administration more than meaningfully rewarding teachers. AUM University’s philosophy is therefore, an attempt at providing An atmosphere where the child feels important and appreciated. Encourages exploration through…

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Creative Education: Effective Ways to Teach Children

Creative Education: Effective Ways to Teach ChildrenIt is not a very challenging mission to teach a child something new; the real educational accomplishment an instructor should offer children lies in developing a sense of curiosity, passion for learning, and hunger for information.It is challenging to think outside of the box, to quit the classic teaching methods and implement new, creative, and psychologically proven efficient teaching techniques. To stop limiting education to classrooms and urge children to start learning by themselves, enrich their capacities, refine their talents, and develop their soft skills. In this article, we will explore new creative ways…

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Alternative ways to education

The Alternatives to our Failing Education System In this article, I want to focus on the way the United States and many other nations around the world are implementing education systems that will result in citizens who are not interested in learning and developing. When I say our failing education system, I don’t just mean it is failing in terms of statistics and all the politics behind education and the importance of education in the United States. In this article, I want to analyze and express my opinion about the nature and specifications of our education system; meaning that I…

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