D’Bodhi’s solutions

D’ Bodhi Solutions of Education’

After long research on modern way of education, and educating our children.  I wanted to suggest few main changes can change most of the our growing generation of the world,  By adapting this simple and fundamental changes can help a growing healthy sustainable community all over the world.

We need to realize that we are not a working animal, no animal need to work to earn our food, effort is needed but it should not be forced work to earn his every bit of his/her bread, somehow it is in our mindset,

As per my belief every being here to enjoy (human way thinking) and experience the joyful land, other than human most of the animals live like that, we can also live with more beautifully like that.

we should experience joy in our life:, we should celebrate our wisdom of thinking,

We should live with our creativity, with out disease and obstacles, for us we know many people made their life like that it means there is a way we can all become like that, there is something blocking not to be,

life should be an exploration of nature and beyond limits and boundaries.

always leave the place better than we found it, what is the best way to improve with all the things you find it there it self