AUM Concept and Philosophy

Root Belief of AUM

Every Living animals including human goes through 3 main stages of Life based on the body’s aging. First stage of life we can call Pre-puberty and the Second stage is Past and During Puberty and Third Stage is Menopause, every animals and plants acts very differently on these stages and the transition time (sometime it is painful and depressing). about human we can prepare by knowing these stages in timely manner, consciously preparing for these stages may be one of the main reason human come with the idea of time and age, because we find out the  capability of acting and doing things are very different for these event takeover in our life, from there people may mastered how I can slow down these process entirely for our life.

little more detail: The age from 1-3 to 12 is very tender, children are very different.the are curious , they also do not show that much fear. the world what we experienced on this age  is the main idea about our world, the idea what we  creates in this time is very hard to change, Change is possible ! still it have lots of influence our future life, that may the reason we (human) created lots of different training study focus on these tender ages.

Next stage we call  puberty period, every animal goes through lot of physical and mental (especially human)  changes. it is challenging for every one,  if we did not had a strong and safe childhood most of the time it may reflect in our future life. what ever we seen from our home, parents, schools, surrounding have a big influence in our life. this might be one of the reason ancient time we had boarding homes (gurukula teachers place) and boarding schools etc, some areas of the world we still have these kinds setups for kids, especially religious studies.

About the puberty period we need to be very protected and nourished our body, because these are the ages most of the children get in to wrong companions, friendships, troubles, especially children who did not had a protected pre-puberty time may end up in heavy troubles in their life, but who ever had strong childhood we can see them they reached very successful life.

The study shows our childhood however able to fill our energy and confidence, pattern of acceptance  creates a stronger human being for home and community,

little history and influenced aum method:

Academy for Ultimate Mastery is one way of saying very new way for children’s education, and the same time it was one of the oldest way of education in ancient Asian continent especially Ancient India, the method was used to teach students by their own talent,   in this method all students able to explore and learn through their own talent, the idea everyone’s natural talents has to be nourished and inspired from childhood. here we take the children from the age of 3.5 to 11.5 (7 years) of exploring and seeking mind will get nourished. and every other skills will be thought through their tallent.

The method we are adopting from ancient Universities of  India  examples like NALANDA, TAXILA (Taksashila), VIKRAM SHILA, VALABHI, PUSHPAGIRI, ODANTAPURI, SOMPAPURA, HAMPI, KANORI  like 12  prominent universities got destroyed by many incidents  these are the oldest educational institution (vidhya peedh) mentioned in human history. lot of people from all around the world visited and learned from this places  Most of the inventions actually happened in these places , Ayurveda, Marmaveda, Sanskrit, Vedic maths, Yoga , Tantra, etc. the only difference each universities use to have one subject or two subjects focussed in one institution. we are trying to teach all subjects in our institution.

Beginning of the philosophy:

Institutionalised education started started with institutionalised religion. one of the first religions in that way developed is Buddhism, from Buddha there is a lot of things changed in the world,looks like almost 3000 years ago, with Buddha some of the main things are changed are concept of God, life,death, fear, Dharma, Sankha,Wealth, sustainability, learning or knowing, building commune. He was one of the main turning point of human history, before that most of the things we say are stories. many of them come from fear and illusion. from him experiment based and fact based belief start taking place in human history, institutionalized education is also one of them. may time we thing this education system is Gurukula education systems, it is entirely different, the main difference is Gurukula education we will see one teacher specialised one or two subjects and children or students goes and study there that specific subjects, it still exist in many part of the world specially in India, today also if some one wanted to specialize in music or dance like that one subject people goes and learn under a teacher, Institutions are very different they invlolve every subject and many masters or teachers to take care of students needs.

in history one of the reason people traveled to east because of this wisdom, human still travel for right education, because the right education gives people freedom and acceptance.

One other thing about the name University is very new to institutionalized education, in ancient time this places call “Sarva Kala Shala”, means Sarva (All ) Kala (art) Shala (Place/ Hall ) “the place for all artforms” here the word Art is very important,

ART: human only deals with art, that is the only thing touches human, every things created because of arts, every problem he/she solves by art. some how art recently means only drawing or painting or some specific subject, but if we go close to it we will come to know every movement of human is connect with ART, through art we find the sience of reality, if we look this way the art is the path to find science, that clarity of science reaches us to peace, ultimate aim of human is peace or feeling comfort , it never changed to our life. somehow in our growth we forget or ignored this basic philosophy,