ALOHA : Art of Happy Living

The Art of Living is easy, just live, just breath, but The Art of Happy living is a Technique to be mastered and practiced constantly to live a content life. all of us wanted to live happy, I am pretty sure no one wanted to live unhappy, here the question comes what is happiness?. where it is start from is there is a way to create happiness in regular life, what are the chemical changes happens in the body itself ? can we create or re produce it ? all these questions lead us to create this course, we put a great name is ALOHA (Art of Living Optimal Happiness).

That is what this course facilitators and participants discuss, because happiness is different for person to person, situation to situation, but body goes through an immense pleasure when it happens, almost every one shows most of the main symptoms when it occur. unfortunately our modern science explained about this subject very little. but every one of us wanted to live happily. and every one knows it is possible to live happy. why it is not getting reproduced again again? the main reason to it because we have very little information and explanation about this subject. very little institutions discuss or have education about this.

we all hear about the Happy Enzymes the chemical our brain releases when we are happy! The DOSE effect, some part of it only for short time some part of it long effect, all of them have amazing healing propertied in to it. the fun part it there is no expense of money needed to be happy ! some time money give us happy some time it takes away the happiness,

the Four Enzymes call Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin. Oxytocin , based on this idea this workshop created, there is a lot of way to live happy if you we are willing to, every opportunity we can use to live as happy person that is what it is basically we discuss in this session.

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* On your journey to become fit, your body released endorphins to cope with the pain of physical exercise.You probably began to enjoy exercise as you got into it, and the endorphins made you happy – temporarily.
* On your journey to become rich, you probably completed many tasks and goals.
You probably bought all the things you’ve ever wanted. Nice cars, beautiful clothes, and a perfect home.This released dopamine in your brain when you achieved your goals and bought these things, which once again contributed to your happiness – temporarily.
So what about the other two chemicals?
It turns out that human happiness is incomplete without all 4 chemicals constantly being released in the brain.
So now you need to work on releasing serotonin and oxytocin.
“How do I do that?”
*Serotonin is released when we act in a way that benefits others. When we give to causes beyond ourselves and our own benefit. When we connect with people on a deep, human level.
Writing this answer is releasing serotonin in my brain right now because I’m using my precious time on the weekend to give back to others for free.
Hopefully I’m providing useful information that can help other people, like yourself.
That’s why you often see billionaires turning to charity when they have already bought everything they wanted to, and experienced everything they wanted to in life.
They’ve had enough dopamine from material pleasures, now they need the serotonin.
*Oxytocin on the other hand, is released when we become close to another human being.
When we hug a friend,or shake someone’s hand, oxytocin is released in varying amounts.
Oxytocin is easy to release. It’s all about becoming more social!
Share your wealth with your friends and family to create amazing experiences.
Laugh, love, cooperate, and play with others.
That’s it my friend!
I think it all comes down to the likelihood that you are missing two things: contribution and social connection”

(I think it’s brilliant, and I am also getting my dose of Serotonin 😊)