The Alternatives to our Failing Education System
In this article, I want to focus on the way the United States and many other nations around the world are implementing education systems that will result in citizens who are not interested in learning and developing. When I say our failing education system, I don’t just mean it is failing in terms of statistics and all the politics behind education and the importance of education in the United States. In this article, I want to analyze and express my opinion about the nature and specifications of our education system; meaning that I want to focus and explore what it has to offer to our children in order to contribute to their growth, development, and knowledge. There is also the talent factor that many people don’t pay attention to; does our education system encourage and develop talents or do children go to schools and graduate or dropout with their talents always hidden.
There is an old proverb that says “teach children as they play” meaning that a child’s best time for learning is when he is playing and enjoying what he is doing. I find this proverb interesting because it focuses on something many teachers and instructors fail to see; children will pay attention to you most when they are doing something that they enjoy. One of the most catastrophic problems of our education system is that it doesn’t aim to capture the attention of children. Instead, teachers enter classrooms every day demanding attention to give lessons that most of the children in the room don’t understand or pay attention to. Having and attracting children’s interest to education is the real challenge and should be the primary goal if we want to create generations that go to colleges, get university degrees, and most of all do what they love doing and create special things.
One of the main reasons behind our education system not being interesting enough for children is the means and methods implemented in teaching. There is not enough creativity and focus on the children and what they might want to do throughout the learning process and especially after it. Old and ancient teaching methods that were proven effective in teaching and developing skills and knowledge are no longer being implemented. Instead, with the insistence on choosing to teach with a system that didn’t succeed with most schools and children, we are all responsible for creating a school-to-prison journey for many of our children with no reaction from no one. Schools fail to develop a hunger for learning in kids and while most of them succeed in going to high school, there is a growing number of dropouts increasing every year.
The alternative, of course, is an education system that targets hidden talents and capacities in children to develop them and attract their attention to doing what they are good at and what will contribute to building a successful future for them. We can only shape a successful education system by implementing methods and pedagogies that make children feel that they are important, their talents are appreciated, and knowledge is inevitable for their future. This is our philosophy at AUM university and this is what we want to do for our children.