A failing education system is one that:

  • Ignores  the inherent, hidden talents of the child.
  • Wastes time in conforming to irrelevant standards.
  • Dismisses the fact that creative challenges can be enjoyable.
  • Oblivious to the successes of many an ancient education system.
  • Promotes wanton commercialization and sales of pre-prepared educational materials and testing system.
  • Conforms to a generic global education system that has no regard for the individual country’s  needs and culture.
  • Exorbitant fees  and favoring of  administration more than meaningfully rewarding teachers.

AUM University’s philosophy is therefore, an attempt at providing

  • An atmosphere where the child feels important and appreciated.
  • Encourages exploration through play.
  • Strengthens  their hidden talents.
  • Provides programs aimed at the mastery of academic and social skills that children need to navigate in this ever changing and demanding world.