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Ayurveda Massage therapy Courses

Abyangam (Ayurvedic full body Massage), Self massage courses, Head massage , Foot Massage, Massage with foot, Marma therapy, Packs and scrubs,

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing science that uses internal herbal combinations and external  treatments like massages, packs and many more, the Ayurvedic herbal oils treatments enhances blood circulation and stimulate muscles and to balance the whole being, all Ayurvedic treatments helps in unwinding the body, posture realignment, stress relief, muscular pain relief , provide good sleep and in strengthening immune system and tissues.

Swayabyanga- Self massage

Swa stands for self and Abyanaga stands for massage, Self massage is one of the main therapy every one use to do in olden times of Ayurveda, today we can not aware about this treatment

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage, Abyangam

This course we will explore all the strokes used in Ayurveda for healing, Ayurveda massage is gentle some time with two people massages the body we can say four handed massage, used good amount of oil, most of the time warm medicated oil for different types of body.

Ayurveda Head Massage

 Indian Head Massage. Also known as Champi massage and is based on Indian Ayurvedic and Chumpi (Indian street Massagers) techniques. Involves movements like deep kneading over the head, neck, upper back and shoulders. Stimulates circulation, improves mental clarity, reduces blood pressure and improves hair growth

Ayurveda Foot Massage

Ayurvedic foot massage is an ancient Indian technique different areas it is called Marma treatments here the students will be learning Ayurvedic way of looking at feet, anatomy of the foot and connection with whole body how to work with feet which will benefit the whole body, how to strengthen the foot as the basic tool of human, and treatments of the foot and upper part of the foot and legs. ayurvedic foot massage is an very different experience unlike reflexology or any other treatments out there, it provides, stress relief, muscular pain relief from foot and leg area, provide good sleep and in strengthening immune system and more

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

 Form of light massage that increases lymph flow in the body ● Very helpful for detoxification, edema, before and after plastic surgery and in stimulating the immune system in the body

Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage Makes use of warm stones to relax muscles along with traditional Swedish and ayurvedic massage techniques, Stones are placed on side of thespine, belly or hands to apply pressure and to open up energy channels that enhances circulation